Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three Wishes Chardonnay, Vintage 2010

This wine is the definition of CHEAP WINE. I picked up this bottle because it was in a Whole Foods stand with a giant sign that said "$1.99" ... who wouldn't have tried it?! The equivalent of Trader Joes' "2 Buck Chuck", this is a 750mL bottle with a very pretty label. Plus, it's my bloggy duty to test the good deals and share my findings with the blogosphero -- I'm like a wino superhero!

This wine was a very poor California chardonnay, but I didn't expect much, because let's face it, it was $1.99. It had a metal-y taste and it was almost bubbly (reminiscent of a bad Riesling), but it at least hinted at some stone fruits and a tiny bit of citrus - plus, anything is refreshing if it's cold enough. I wouldn't recommend taking this bottle as a gift to anyone, but if you want to get your buzz on with a chilly glass at your neighborhood barbecue, I'd say this is at least a tiny bit classier than Boone's Farm or Mike's Hard Lemonade.
Pairing: Since this isn't much of a wine, it's probably best with a burger and fries. Were you waiting for me to say that? Were you hoping and praying I'd finally recommend a bottle you could smuggle into McDonald's to enjoy with your McChicken or your snack wrap? Well, friends, here it is. For $1.99, it's roughly the same price as a large Diet Coke - and believe me, I know that for a fact.

Wine: Three Wishes Chardonnay, Vintage 2010
Price: $1.99
Purchased: Whole Foods Market, Alexandria VA

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