Friday, October 21, 2011

Whoa whoa whoa... where did I go?

Darling blog follower-type people,

I just wanted to send an apologetic note to you (even if you probably didn't notice my lack of posting), because you are no-doubt long overdue for some inexpensive recommendations! The sad thing is that I have 4 draft posts in here, another 3 sets of tasting notes to compile, and a stack of notes from an extensive tasting in Baltimore I did 3 weekends ago, so it hasn't been for lack of drinking ...err..."material".

I'm shooting to get the 4 draft posts pushed out by tomorrow afternoon, and then I'm putting myself on a regular schedule! Since the possibility of my having to go completely gluten free looms large and in-charge, I'm glad that wine is the one thing I truly won't have to think about before I consume. Whether this change in my diet will increases my wine consumption or just allows me to enjoy it that much more, I guess we'll just have to see...!

With love,

Your (very) skint sommelier

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