Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First up: Schmitt Söhne Fünf 5 Riesling,Vintage 2009

Riesling is, admittedly, my favorite white wine. Some are too sweet, some are too "gassy"(seriously, one of the markers of a German Riesling is a strong "petrol" smell/taste), but some are just perfect with a lot of different types of meals. What I like about the Riesling grape is that it's rarely grown in other parts of the world, so it's easier to find better quality German wine. So, despite the fact that Fünf is a Tafelwein Rhein (Germany's way of saying "cheap table wine made from grapes of the Rhein region"), it still meets the higher standards set for German wine production, which goes a longer way to ensuring relative quality.

Verdict: What I love about this wine is that it is marketed as a bottle of fun! The bottle's label actually reads: "translated from German, Fünf literally means "five" because, after all, most fun starts at five o'clock, right?" Fünf is a well-balanced, light bodied wine with lots of citrus fruit and a refreshing, clean finish. This Riesling went will with a wide variety of meals, ranging from leftover Chinese food, to a cookie slathered in nutella (all right several...), to potato gnocchi with shrimp, to linguine with clam sauce and it was delightful with the asparagus & pea risotto with panko-breaded chicken I cooked for dinner tonight.

Pairing: Fünf is what I like to call a "little black dress" wine because it goes with almost everything*! I will be purchasing several more bottles of this wine to have on hand for any surprise fun(f) times!
*A disclaimer for the more beginner wine drinkers that might stumble across this post: while most things go great with this wine, be sure to pair a fuller-bodied, heavier (read: red) wine with steaks or other fatty meats.

Wine: Schmitt Söhne Fünf 5 Riesling, Vintage 2009
$6 (I KNOW!)
Place Purchased: ACME Supermarket, Easton, MD

For more Schmitt Sohne wines, check out their really fun vineyard sites at: Schmitt Söhne and Schmitt Söhne USA

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