Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Splurge: Heitz Cabernet Sauvignon, Vintage 2005

As I learned today, apparently 2005 was an amazing year for the Napa vineyards. While I'm not very familiar with many Cabernet Sauvignon styles (at least by taste, though I can describe them thoroughly by the book!), I was told this wine is very typical to both the vineyard and the growing region. If this is true, I'm a California Cab fan for life!

Initial Impression: Mmmm...Jammy! This was a full-bodied, juicy Cabernet that, admittedly, I didn't nail immediately when tasting it blindly. I could describe the bouquet of aromas and the complete palate (even the nuances came to me immediately, despite its complexity), but as I'm not a Cab drinker and had only experienced one (very NON-memorable) California Cab, I didn't recognize the tell-tale signs. *sigh* I'm such a newb!

Verdict: Run, do not walk to your nearest quality wine source (like that plug?) and buy this wine. With its almost overwhelmingly rich dark cherry and blackcurrant flavors, peppered with a smokey/vanilla-y undercurrent and spicy anise notes to balance out the sweetness. The acidity is powerful, but bright, and the tannins are smooth and blended making this wine extremely integrated in spite of its complexity.

Pairing: This would go amazingly with a hearty beef stew or even a big ass t-bone steak. My Dad, a true meat-and-potatoes man, would love this wine ... and you will too!

Wine: Heitz Cabernet Sauvignon, Vintage 2005
Cost: Around $40 (can order it here)
Place Purchased: I did a tasting at Sherwood's Landing, but see link from above for online ordering at one of the best prices I could find...

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