Friday, January 14, 2011

Polka Dot Pfalz Riesling, Vintage 2008

Disclaimer: I know I've already done a Riesling, but in my defense, I've been injured and so I've been drinking what I've already bought! Since I'm only drinking a glass or so at a time, it's hard to open so many bottles and not worry about wasting them - anyone want to come over and help me finish some of these beauties?

Initial Impression: I bought this wine last Sunday before the Ravens game, and took it to my friend's house in anticipation of drinking quite a bit of it while watching the game. The bottle was not super chilled, and I'm pretty sure that Logan would back me up on the fact that I made a horrible face after taking a sip of this wine. It was almost bubbly, which made me think it was an "off" wine, and I could only stomach half of a glass before we abandoned her house in favor of Plaza Tapatia and margaritas (do I sound like an alcholic yet?). Since I was so put off by the first sip, I didn't do a proper tasting, and screwed the cap back on and put it in my car to revisit later.

Verdict: Ok. After letting it breathe, I realized that it wasn't so much "off" as just a mediocre wine. Considering it's a Pfalz Riesling (a German region, subject to wine laws and restrictions for quality control), in my opinion it's pretty average. This is a great example of why we don't buy wine because of cute labels *cough* Ellen *cough*! Still, if you'd like to know what to expect, this wine is a little too sweet to be called a "medium-dry Riesling" with a heavy floral nose mixed with pear and green apple. With it chilled and sufficient time to breathe, it's much more palatable with hints of vanilla and licorice behind an overall green fruit/citrus fruit profile. Not terrible, but it's probably better with some type of food.

Pairing: This wine would go with a lot of different types of meals, which works in its favor. I would probably drink this wine with spicy food to bring out that undercurrent of herbs and spices that's hiding behind all the crispy fruit. Personally, I think you'll find that the Fünf Riesling is exponentially better - and $3 cheaper - but this one will do in a pinch (just make sure it's COLD).

Wine: Polka Dot Pfalz Riesling, Vintage 2008
Cost: $9
Place Purchased: Grohl's Market, St. Michael's MD

To learn more about wines from this vineyard, click here: Polka Dot Wines

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