Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too poor to be a wine snob?

The great thing about wine is that tasting it is a completely subjective process. One can go through years of blind tasting and sommelier certification courses to have the palate and the knowledge to be considered an "expert" ... but ultimately, the only one who can decide whether a wine is "good" or not, is you - with or without years of training.

As I have begun the sommelier certification process (currently waiting on my scores for the WSET Intermediate Certification exam), I've been desperate to try as many wines as possible... BUT, my meager hourly wage puts a severe damper on my ability to buy the bottles that those "experts" deem worthy to learn.

That's where the "skint sommelier" comes in. I promise to try all the cheap-y, "unrated" wines you can buy in your local grocery store and let you know which wines are enjoyable, which wines are better used for cooking ... and which wines are better left on the store shelf. Questions and requests are welcome - and to any distributors or vineyards that want to send me samples to, er, sample... shoot me an email at skintsommelier@gmail.com!

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