Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tofanelli Family Zinfandel, Vintage 2006

This is our only Zinfandel by the glass at work at the moment, and I freaking love it. While it's a *tiny* bit on the not-so-cheapy side at $26/bottle, it's very much worth the price!

Verdict: The first thing that hits me is black cherry and black raspberry scents (but cooked, more like a jam). There's also a good bit of astringency in the aroma, reminiscent of tea or cigars - which is then reflected very accurately on the palate. The flavor is immense, with hints of citrus fruits (maybe orange?) and some nutty flavors in the background. The tannins are oaky, but smooth and the balance of this complex wine is really nice, despite its acidic nature!

Pairing: This is a nice, full-bodied, BIG flavored red, so it would go best with a meal that has BIG flavor. My favorite "classic" pairing for a Zin is barbecue, (which reminds me that I haven't eaten yet today...), but anything from a burger to a steak would taste great alongside of this wine. Also, a lot of sites I've read pair this with a well-ripened hard cheese like French Cantal (or for those of us not educated in the cheese world, a nice Wisconsin sharp cheddar). Whatever you eat with it, make sure it's big on flavor, because this wine would overpower a wimpy chicken or fish dish!

Wine: Tofanelli Family Zinfandel, Vintage 2006
Cost: $26
Purchased: Wishing Well Liquors, Easton MD

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