Saturday, February 12, 2011

Four Vines "Old Vine Cuvée" Zinfandel, Vintage 2008

One of my many wine source purchases, I drank this bottle as my last beverage after a rowdy night, so I am not confident that my tasting notes are as "elite" as I'd like them to be. For you, my few but fabulous readers, I did a bit of research on it, so this review a little bit more of an "interpretation".

Verdict: This wine is a MAJOR mouthful. Not my favorite Zinfandel, but still an interesting try because of the reputation of the winemaker (read more here). As far as I've been told, there's quite a difference between the vintages, so I'm just going off of the 2008 I tried... I'm not sure if I could recommend the others based on this, unless they were a lot more integrated (or didn't have the spicy oak that hits you over the head like a, well, oak tree). As for the tasting, the nose on this (as far as I can recall) was plummy and ripe - almost raisin or prune-like. It was medium-to-full bodied (I always hesitate to categorize wines one way or another because it really just depends on your own personal judgment), and it was VERY fruity (jammy, plummy, and a hint of anise or licorice on the back palate). While others argue that the tannins were smooth and integrated, I maintain that the tannins were a bit sharp and on the in-yo-face side.

Pairing: As I've said before, you need a big food for a Zin (barbecue being my personal favorite pairing), because it's such a "fruit bomb" as my wonderful boyfriend calls it. If you had this Zin with chicken, forget about tasting the chicken... or anything else, for that matter. It's a challenge, but fruity wines like this one CAN be a great addition to a fun meal ... just don't drink it at the end of a rowdy night (or drop your blackberry into it... a story for another time, perhaps).

Wine: Four Vines "Old Vine Cuvée" Zinfandel, Vintage 2008
Price: $10
Purchased: The Wine Source (see previous post extolling their amazingness....)

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