Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maxwell Creek Sauvignon Blanc, Vintage 2009

This wine is a fun one! I haven't done a whole lot of Sauvignon Blancs before because... well, because I thought I didn't like them! I didn't buy this wine, and from everything I've read, there is not a lot on where this "Maxwell Creek" vineyard is... but a little birdie told me that it's a relabeled 90pt bottle from the Rutherford Area of Napa Valley that normally sells for $30 a bottle.

Verdict: The nose on this wine was heavenly - heavy on the grapefruit (as I've found a lot of Sauvignon Blancs to be these days, but with pepper and a high floral note of honeysuckle or another white blossom, it smells too sweet NOT to eat! The nose really delivered on the palate, proving this wine to be a very fruity, dry and minerally SUMMER wine! Additionally, there was a vegetal note on the palate that I didn't get on the nose reminiscent of some grassy or peppery earth flavors. 

Pairing: While pairing is always the ideal, this is a nice sipper - no food necessary! We drank it with pesto-and-Parmesan crusted chicken over angel hair pasta, but it would also go nicely with pork or fish. A crisp, clean and integrated yet slightly complex, bottle, I recommend you go get it (if you can find it)!

Wine: Maxwell Creek Sauvignon Blanc, Vintage 2009
Price: ? Most websites offer between $7-15
Purchased: Gift

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