Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maringer-Reif Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling, Vintage 2008

Initial Reaction: This was a really great Riesling! Recommended by Wishing Well Liquors in Easton (I'll give a shout out on facebook as well!), this was a fairly inexpensive bottle from a well-known vineyard that made for an outstanding birthday evening!

Verdict: Yum! I abused this wine in every sense of the word - I think I even drank it from a paper cup - but it still put on its best show for me. This nose on this wine is perfume-y, with green fruits and honeysuckle (I hit the nail on the head with this tasting, by the way, as everything I read is what I ... um... drunkenly scribbled ... in my notes!). The flavor was crisp (this is a great summer wine - very refreshing), with a lot of peach and a pleasant mineral taste that made it exceedingly easy to pretend I was lounging in the German countryside sipping a glass of this with my rich (and dashingly good looking, of course) husband ... instead of chugging it in my dear friend Ben's basement while playing drinking games and watching Piranha 3 on Bluray (incidentally, a gory-and-cheesy-yet-very-hilarious film). Funny enough, I know I'd be happier hanging out with my friends, drinking out of paper cups and eating "cheese food" -- and there's a lot of comfort in that.

Pairing: While I could expound upon classic pairings and talk on end about chicken and spicy food and the balance of the oak and the acidity, I think I'm just going to be honest here... I drank this entire bottle by myself, by itself. No food, no cheese (although I believe Jamie may have shared some of his cheese puffs with me), just an ENTIRE LITER (yes, this price was for a liter bottle - what a steal!) of this glorious citrus-y goodness. This wine truly is a great one to drink by itself. Best part? No hangover! It's a freaking birthday miracle!

Wine: Maringer-Reif Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling, Vintage 2008
Cost: $16 (for a liter!)
Purchased: Wishing Well Liquors, Easton MD 

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